Who Is Givling’s $10,000 Surprise Winner?!

It’s back!! Givling will be surprising one lucky Givling in person with a big $10,000 Check! 🐻 Could it be you?

Where will our lucky Givling winner be from and who will they be?! Stay tuned to find out…

If you’ve been with us for a bit, you know how much we love hosting these Surprise Check Giveaways. Newer to Givling and wondering what this is all about? We got you… Givling is honored to partner with several generous sponsors throughout the year that want to help support our mission of being a #ForceForGood. While there are many ways to fund the cause, one of our favorites is allowing our Bear team to hand-deliver a big fat check to one lucky Givling player. A winner is chosen at random, and one of our Bears secretly travels to the winner’s location to surprise them and deliver a $10,000 check, which is funded entirely by our valued sponsor. Click here to view past Winner surprises!

We’re excited to announce this new Check is sponsored by our brand new partner, Oculus from Facebook!

oculus from facebook

With Oculus, you can do anything, anywhere, with anyone through world-class Virtual Reality. The VR headsets redefine digital entertainment, giving you the freedom to do it all: play games, watch movies, attend live music or sporting events, exercise, hang out with friends, and endless other experiences.

Defy reality with Oculus today… Click here to check them out and support our sponsor!