A Growing Family Rejoice at Winning $5,000 on Givling

Congratulations to Brian Mahoney of Fogelsville, Pennsylvania for winning $5,000 on Givling through the Free $5k Queue! This award will certainly be a welcome relief to Brian’s growing family (a 2nd child on the way) as he creates their 2023 budget. With the award money, he plans to tackle his student loans and reduce stress in his household.

Brian first heard about Givling in the summer of 2018 when he and his wife were looking for ways to tackle their student debt. They decided to try out the app and Brian has been using it daily ever since. He started playing in the hopes of wiping away some of his student debt and is grateful to the Givling community for sticking to the cause of helping each other out.

Brian is a Mental Health & Aging Program Counselor for a nursing home in Pottstown, PA and currently resides with his family in Fogelsville, PA. He had to overcome the obstacle of finding a new career path after graduating from college and ultimately went back to community college to become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike, listening to music, and playing with his dog.

To other Givling players, Brian’s advice is to never give up. A random day could be the start of a big prize. Congratulations again to Brian and his family on their well-deserved win!

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