1st-Generation College Grads Get $5,000 Closer to Financial Freedom

⭐️ Congrats to one of our recent FREE $5,000 Queue Award Winners, Terrence Kelley of White Oak, TX! 🥳

Terrance, as well as his wife, were the first in each of their families to earn college degrees 🎓 both working their way through college. 💪 Terrance earned his Mechanical Engineer degree at LeTourneau University and is currently a Machine Design Engineer.

“This will pay off my three highest interest rate #studentloans. This will also let me snowball my payments into credit cards and other debt to get out of debt sooner. That way we can enjoy #financialfreedom.” 👐

“I knew that I had been bouncing around in the top five for the purple queue, so I was getting my plays and ads in early every day. I was in second place when my survey became available, I completed it just before lunch and squeaked into 1st place. I spent the rest of the day checking every half hour. When I went to bed, I set an alarm to wake up and check it just before midnight mythical mountain time. 🏔 I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and saw that I had made it, I had to wake my wife up and tell her the great news. 🧸 When I found #Givling in 2018, I joined because it looked like a great cause that I wanted to be a part of.”

More about Terrance: “I’m proud of my kids, as they were both born under 3 pounds. They are now strong, healthy kids, 6 and 8 years old. 🧸 I grew up in North East Texas and still live here in White Oak Texas. Our school mascot is Joe Roughneck because of the oil boom that put the city on the map.”

Thanks for being a #ForceForGood, Terrence! 🐻

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