From Daily Player to $50,000 Crowdfundee – Will You Be Next?

“When I saw it was real, I was very grateful as I really needed this right now during this difficult time in my life.”

We are thrilled to share the journey of another $50,000 Givling Crowdfundee, Ann McDonald! Ann’s compelling story serves as a beacon of hope for thousands engaging with us in their quest towards financial freedom.

Hailing from Southern California, where she loves to enjoy the weather during more temperate periods (read no cyclones or earthquakes!), Ann embarked on her Givling journey in 2019 after stumbling across an online post about our platform. With compounded student loans piling up, Givling offered Ann a glimmer of hope amidst an overwhelming financial landscape.

Fast-forward to now, Ann’s crowdfunding dream became a reality in a moment she recalls as being cloaked in gratitude and disbelief, “I was in shock as I was sure someone else had passed me again. When I saw it was real, I was very grateful as I really needed this right now during this difficult time in my life.”

Ann plans to use her funding to continue chipping away at her student loans and aid in covering medical bills for her family members. As an education graduate from Arizona State University who has worked dutifully in caregiving for a disabled family member, the $50,000 came at a time when she needed it most.

While her Givling adventure has reached a remarkable milestone, Ann isn’t keeping her success to herself. Her advice to other Givling players is both relatable and inspiring, “Don’t give up. Keep believing and play every trivia game when possible because you never know when a reward might be around the corner.”

When not navigating the world of Givling or providing care for her family, Ann finds joy in the simple pleasures of life – be it gardening, hiking, reading, biking, or journeying to the beach. Lately, she has cherished the return of family gatherings that had been paused during the pandemic.

As we celebrate Ann’s victory, we’re reminded of the pivotal role hope plays in our journeys. May Ann’s experience serves as a testament to what can be accomplished in the face of adversity and as a spotlight to guide other players along their Giviling journey.

Congratulations, Ann! Onward to more victories. Thank you for being a part of our Force For Good family!

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