Free $5,000 Queue Winner: “You’re Changing Lives”

Student Advisor stumbles upon a free trivia game app after seeking methods to pay off her college loan debt and becomes Givling’s newest Free $5,000 Queue Award Winner.

Hayley Gibbs of Salem, Oregon is a “TRIO Student Support Services Advisor (AKA college success coaching for low-income, first-generation, and students with disabilities).” She attended the University of Oregon where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Family and Human Services, and obtained her Master of Social Work from Portland State University.

“I started playing Givling, after Googling “creative ways to pay off student loan debt” in a random article. I figured if I could take a few minutes out of my day to watch ads, help others pay their student loans and hopefully get to the top of the queue someday myself, why not? Been playing every day since, and the rest is history!”

“Last week I closed on my first home (yay!), and have been hyper-focused on building a 6-month emergency fund. This money will speed up three full months of savings, and allow me to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we’re prepared for any inevitable maintenance costs and life changes that may come. Like many other Givlings in this community, I’ve been trying to make payments on my student loans while the interest is suspended. Some of this money will also go toward my loans, and I have to say it’s super satisfying to finally see that principal balance going down!”

“I had (miraculously) been in the top five all week, watching my number go from #1 at the beginning of the day and then slowly sliding down. The day that the queue flipped and I won was so nerve-wracking – I was not-so-slyly refreshing the app every 2-5 minutes at work, hoping to hang on to the #1 spot and willing the queue to fund faster! In the last hour or so I finally funded the last $100 myself, because I couldn’t take it anymore!”

“As of two weeks ago, we are now back in the office and preparing to open up the campus again. Working from home for the last year and a half has had a lot of ups and downs (the #quarantine15 struggle is very real!), and our students just struggled so much with online learning. Unfortunately, a lot of have dropped out or decided to take time off from college. We’re starting to see students return for fall, and I am cautiously optimistic about trying to get back to a new normal.”

“I’m an Oregonian through and through, born and raised in Eugene, Oregon – Go Ducks! Summer in Oregon is my absolute favorite (minus the wildfires!) because there’s so much to see and do – waterfalls, mountains, swimming, hiking, and endless wine tasting! As far as hobbies, Hayley says Givling is “pretty much my #1.”

“Huge thank you to Lizbeth, Seth and all of the Bears! You all are changing lives every day, and I think sometimes in the craziness and changes we lose sight of that. The #ForceForGood is truly unstoppable. Just keep spinning!” 🐻