“It took 5 years to start paying down the principal.” Northfield, MN essential worker thankful for $10,000 surprise towards student loans

NORTHFIELD, MN – While nearly 80% of Americans complete their undergraduate degree with less than $30,000 in student loans, those who seek graduate degrees often leave school with staggering six-figure loans. Caitlin Trebelhorn can consider herself part of that group as she carries over $140,000 in college debt. 

When asked if she regretted taking out student loans, Caitlin shared the following. “No, student loans allowed me to follow my dream to become a veterinarian. However, I do regret the strain it puts on finances each month. I feel sad and guilty about them.  I’ve been repaying them for 5 years and just now have started paying down the principal.” 

After discovering Givling, a trivia game app that crowdfunds student loans, Caitlin was determined to tackle her debt. By playing trivia games, watching ads, and completing partner offers like Acorns, Caitlin knew she was helping crowdfund other’s loans and have the possibility of hers being funded too. 

“I was sitting around the kitchen table with my parents and sister. I was watching the app and saw I was close to the top to being selected for $10,000.  I never thought it was going to be me.  And then, all of a sudden, I was in the $10,000 funding box. We all started screaming when I saw my name there!” exclaimed Caitlin. 

While the $10,000 windfall won’t pay off all of her student loans, it will knock out several smaller ones and allow Caitlin to use the snowball debt payoff method to accelerate her debt free journey. 

Caitlin explained how the award has been a positive moment in a challenging time. “Thank you so much! My husband and I are both frontline essential workers, so we have been unable to work from home and our daughter who just turned 1 year old has had to be in daycare throughout the pandemic. It is hard because my family unit has the most exposure to COVID, so we are unable to spend much time with our extended family.”  

What is Givling?: Givling is the world’s only trivia crowdfunding game, specializing in tackling the ballooning $1.7 trillion student loan industry. Over $7 million in funding has been awarded towards student loans, mortgages, and trivia awards. Givling is free to download on Google Play or the App Store. By watching ads, completing partner offers, and more, users crowdfund loans while competing to have their loan funded.  A new user could download Givling today and be the recipient of the Free $10,000 Award or a Trivia Award within seven days or less. So what is Givling? Download and play today to find out!

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