Local Minneapolis, MN Woman Eliminates Private Student Loans with $10,000 Award

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Twelve long years. That’s the amount of time free-lance writer Brittney Saline has been repaying her student loans. While most student loans have a standard ten-year repayment plan, a recent study from New York Life found the average participant reported taking 18.5 years to pay off their college debt, starting at age 26 and ending at 45.

“I had no clue what I was doing when I took out those loans at age 17. I thought everyone went into debt for college. I wish I had had a realistic view of what debt-to-income ratios were and how student debt traps and limits you (i.e., you have to get a certain kind of job to pay them off even if it’s not the kind of job that makes you happy),” shared Brittney.

With $60,000 in student loans remaining, Brittney was determined to change her future. “I saw a segment on a morning show about a crowdfunding app called Givling. I thought it was too good to be true, but I downloaded it anyway and thought, “what do I have to lose.” 

It turns out, Brittney had everything to gain from Givling. “I was on a hike in beautiful Moose Lake with a good friend. I was in 1st place to secure the free $10,000 award, but there were still funds to raise on the current loan. My friend would yell at me to refresh the Givling App every 3 minutes as I got closer and closer to securing the funding box for the $10,000 award. When I finally secured the spot, I showed her the phone, and she proceeded to shriek and swear like a crazy person on my behalf!” 

“This award will finish off my private student debt. Though I will still have a great deal of federal student debt remaining, just having this monthly payment wiped out gives me more breathing room in case my car dies (it’s old!) and as we continue to face the instability of the pandemic era. Thank you so much to Givling and everyone who’s a part of it. Your hard work and dedication are changing lives, and it’s amazing that there are people like you out there.”

What is Givling? Givling is the world’s only trivia crowdfunding game, specializing in tackling the ballooning $1.7 trillion student loan industry. Nearly $7 million in funding has been awarded towards student loans, mortgages, and trivia awards. Givling is free to download on Google Play or the App Store. By watching ads, completing partner offers, and more, users crowdfund loans while competing to have their loan funded.  A new user could download Givling today and be the recipient of the Free $10,000 Award or a Trivia Award within seven days or less. So what is Givling? Download and play today to find out!

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