Meet Jesse Burgard, the Latest Givling Free Queue Winner: How He Plans to Use His $2,500 Award

Congratulations to Jesse Burgard, the latest winner of the $2,500 Free Queue award! Jesse is from Sacramento, California, and he recently shared some insights about his Givling experience and how he plans to use his award.

When asked how the award will help him, Jesse mentioned that he recently had some unexpected car maintenance costs that put him in more debt than he had hoped. The award money will help him clear that debt, and he may use the rest to save for moving in with his significant other or to pay off his loans.

Jesse was frequently checking the funding queue to see if he would keep the #1 spot. He noticed someone was catching up to him and he was nervous he wouldn’t secure it. But, funding was moving the thermometer quickly and when he finally saw the queue turn over, he jumped for joy and did a fist pump.

Jesse first heard about Givling in the spring of 2019, and he started playing because he has student loans that he wants to pay off.

For other players, Jesse’s advice is similar to other winners have said: “just keep spinning.” He has been playing for almost four years and has won some of the daily QP rewards, which helped him get into first place for the funding queue.

Jesse is a Senior Analyst for the State of California and graduated from California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State). He grew up in Concord, CA, and has been living in Sacramento for the last 13 years. His favorite things to do include cooking, traveling around Sacramento, taking long trips to new places, and watching his favorite Bay Area sports teams.

Congratulations again to Jesse on his $2,500 Free Queue win! We hope this award helps him achieve his financial goals and continue enjoying his favorite hobbies.

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