Nearly Student Loan Debt Free After $5,000 Givling Win

Congratulations to our latest Givling award winner, Adam Stites! Adam, a sports writer and Arizona State graduate with a degree in Journalism/Mass Communication, has been a loyal Givling player for almost seven years. He first heard about the platform from a friend in June 2016 and was immediately drawn to the opportunity to win prizes while playing trivia.

But the impact Givling has had on Adam’s student loan debt has made the experience even more fulfilling. The award will take a big chunk out of his remaining student loan debt and, with some luck and a favorable Supreme Court decision, he may even be able to have it wiped out entirely in 2023.

The moment Adam found out he had won was a nail-biter, as he watched his lead in the purple queue slowly shrink. But at midnight, the bar finally turned over and he was able to rest easy.

Growing up in Southern California, Adam now travels around the country with his new wife, a travel nurse. He’s lived in multiple states in the last two years, but has settled in Nashville, TN for the time being.

In addition to his passion for sports and playing games like Nertz, Scattergories, and Catan, Adam has overcome significant financial obstacles in his past. But through perseverance and hard work, he’s been able to put himself in a position to live the life he wants today.

We asked Adam for any words of encouragement or tips for other Givling players, and he simply said to “keep at it.” We couldn’t agree more! With persistence and dedication, it’s only a matter of time before you’re a big winner like Adam.

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