The NEW Givling Cash Wallet Transfer Process!

The NEW Givling is all about rewarding YOU while helping others. Now, we are very happy to announce that we have a variety of banking partners for you to choose from in order to earn cash-back for completing various tasks on the Givling app!

💵 Cash-back will be transferred from your Givling Cash Wallet to one of our banking partners. Here’s how to get started:

IMPORTANT: You must use our tracking links and create an account with one of our current banking partners.

  • For a variety of banking partners including AmEx, Barclays, and UFB Direct, click here**. 
  • For an Axos Essential checking account, click here.  
  • For an Axos Rewards checking account, click here.  
  • If you are having trouble with a link, please copy & paste it into a new browser window from below: 

Variety of banking partners:;n=203;c=1683302;s=33698;x=7936;f=202307171435220;u=j;z=TIMESTAMP


🐻 Once you set up the account of your choice, please make sure you transfer at least $5 into your new account, then click HERE to complete our secure form.  This allows us to send cash-back transfers from your Givling Cash Wallet to your banking partner account.

💰 While it is not required, we recommend maintaining a balance of at least $5 in your new account.

👛 IMPORTANT: If you set up an account with Axos, note you must maintain a balance of at least $2 or the account will close. Most of our other banking partners require a balance of at least $1 to earn your high-yield APY, but check your individual account terms to learn more.

If you have an existing account with one of our bank partners, you may set up a new account with said bank using our link to qualify for Givling Wallet Transfers.

What is my Givling Cash Wallet? 

Your Givling Cash Wallet is where you earn cash-back for completing a variety of actions on the Givling app.  When you open the app, tap the pink piggy bank icon to see your cash back earnings.

How do I earn cash-back on Givling?

You’ll earn cash-back by completing various activities on the app.  Here are a few examples:

🐻 Earn 50% back when you tap the orange Crowdfund! button in the app and use the “Fund Coins Now” option

🎉 Random surprise and delight cash deposits, just for being an active Givling.

How do I receive my funds from my Givling Cash Wallet to my banking partner account?

See our blog post for details.

Why do I need a Givling bank partner account?

Our partners greatly contribute to the Givling ecosystem and therefore allow you to earn more from the only Gamified Crowdfunding platform that has paid out over $10,000,000! We are thrilled to now offer you a variety of banking partners so you can choose which account works best for YOU. As the availability of some of our banking partners varies at times, check back here periodically if you don’t see a partner you are interested in listed today, and remember to disable your VPN if applicable to see all offers that may be specific to your region. Thank you for being part of the Force For Good!

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