25% of student loan debt is erased for a new Phoenix, AZ resident

PHOENIX, AZ — “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Anonymous.” Imagine being in this position. You work tirelessly, with near perfection, to master your craft. You show up to work on time everyday, finish projects before their due date, and help other colleagues who need additional assistance completing their duties. Then, to your surprise, the “new guy” who started 6 months after you and constantly makes errors is suddenly promoted before you.

But you shake off the dust and keep moving forward.  A few months later, you put in a time off request to have a medical procedure, only to receive a call enroute to the doctor that you’re being fired from your job for not showing up. “It was a dark time in my life because I spent nearly all my savings to have this surgery. I had to move home with my parents and it took several years to catch up financially” shared Jamie McCook. 

Yet Jamie used this challenging time in her life to reflect and grow. “I think of my aunt and uncle. They have also had a lot of ups and downs in their lives and business ventures. But no matter what, they have always rebuilt and made it better next time around. They are truly inspiring” exclaimed Jamie. 

Another challenge Jamie faced was her student loan debt. With over $40,000 to repay, the debt was a constant barrier to entering that next stage in life. However, her future was changed thanks to Givling and the thousands of users and sponsors who helped crowdfund her loan by playing a trivia game. 

Jamie learned she entered Givling’s $10,000 Free Funding spot and would have 25% of her total student loan debt erased. “I saw I was in the #1 position to enter the spot with about $2,000 left to raise on the previous loan. I never thought I would make it into the funding spot and gasped when it actually happened! I immediately showed my boyfriend Mace and texted my 4 best girlfriends, aunt and uncle, and father.” 

All together, the challenges Jamie has faced have certainly led to a meaningful life. Jamie shared she and Mace just purchased their first home together.  “If it wasn’t for Mace having no debt and strategically saving each month, this would likely have never been possible with my student loan debt. Now with 25% less on my loans, I can help contribute and focus on other life goals. I’m so excited and thankful!”

What is Givling?: Givling is the world’s only trivia crowdfunding game, specializing in tackling the ballooning $1.7 trillion student loan industry. Over $7 million in funding has been awarded towards student loans, mortgages, and trivia awards. Givling is free to download on Google Play or the App Store. By watching ads, completing partner offers, and more, users crowdfund loans while competing to have their loan funded.  A new user could download Givling today and be the recipient of the Free $10,000 Award or a Trivia Award within seven days or less. So what is Givling? Download and play today to find out!