Givlings Awarded $5,000 Cash/BIG Queue Points for Finding Hidden Treasure!

Were you following along with our recent Virtual Treasure Hunt? We had two lucky Givlings correctly guess the location of where our Treasure was “hidden”! The first winner had their choice between the following two prizes, with the remaining prize awarded to the second winner: $5,000 in cash, or 10 Million Green Queue Points, 25 million Orange Queue Points, and 1 million Free Queue Points.

The first Givling to find our Treasure was Linda Garbis of Westmont, Illinois:

“Still completely in shock that I found the hidden treasure first; you completely caught me by surprise too! What an incredible whirlwind of a week being in the top 5 teams for trivia and then sleuthing my way to find the treasure! So incredibly thankful to you and all of the bears for your hard work and creativity; you are always working to keep people engaged and excited!”

“This has been such a unique year as we welcomed our 2nd child in the spring and then I changed jobs end of summer, so this award will help fill some gaps/pay bills and allow us to continue to put money towards my husband’s student loans.”

“I am still so in shock that I found the treasure and still laughing about how easily I was ‘fooled’/surprised by Seth! Seth reached out to me to schedule a ‘verification’ call regarding my recent trivia winnings under the guise of ‘keeping the integrity of the game’ and I thought that was something really great that they are doing checks to ensure that the people playing are actually ‘real people’ and not bots, etc.”

“I actually had a half-day of work that day as my office was having a ‘get outside’ afternoon, and wherever you live you were encouraged to ‘get outdoors’, so I had plans to take my toddler to the zoo…but just had to wrap up this ‘quick call with Seth’ before we could head out… Enter the unforgettable TikTok video of Seth dressed as a pirate and me completely caught off guard but so excited! When Seth came back from ‘someone at the door’ dressed as a pirate… my mind quickly jumped from ‘What is he wearing’ to ‘Omg, this has to be about the Treasure Hunt!!!!!’ I had submitted my third (and final guess) and did not hear any feedback about the Treasure Hunt the next day, so I had assumed I was out (sadly closing up my Excel spreadsheet of notes about Brazil zip codes, towns and details!). Truly an unforgettable moment to find out I had actually found the ‘virtual’ money’ first!”

Linda’s Givling story: “Givling has been an incredible journey and source of positivity for me. I started playing in 2017 when I was between full-time jobs and trying to find hope to help pay down my student loans faster. I won $31.80 in Trivia a few short weeks after joining… and then I hadn’t won anything again until this past year when I was able to hold the #1 ($10,000) Purple Spot as the queue flipped, and then Trivia ($320) and now the Treasure Hunt ($5,000)! Although there is a large gap in my initial 2017 winning to more recently, I have played every single day (I may have missed only as many days as I can count on one hand!) because I believe in the positivity of the community and that Givling continues to help people every day in their journeys.”

More about Linda: “I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I am a Businesses Transformation Program Manager for a Specification Management data software company. I live in Chicagoland with my incredible husband, toddler daughter, new baby boy and a spunky miniature dachshund. I grew up in LaGrange Highlands, IL and now live in Westmont, IL.”

“Still surreal that I found the treasure! I had so much fun trying to crack the code… and I should also mention, I did not have a TikTok account when I was playing the game (I would just log on to the website and view the latest video!). I was always opening up the site to see if a new video had been posted!”

“Many people I had encouraged to join Givling have become passive players over the years, but, since winning Trivia a few weeks ago and then finding the treasure, my friends and family have renewed interest for Givling. I have proven to them that this is real! My husband’s rekindled spark for the opportunity/potential Givling holds actually placed him on the 5th place winning team this week!”

“Thank you for the incredible support and community! Givling has truly impacted my life in so many positive ways.”

“I definitely could not stop smiling all day after we spoke; I took my daughter to the zoo and snapped this picture! THANK YOU!”

The second Givling to find our Treasure was Brandon Jackson of Beverly, New Jersey:

Brandon was awarded 10 Million Green Queue Points, 25 million Orange Queue Points, and 1 million Free Queue Points.

“Thank you!!! I can’t believe I was one of the Top 2! The cash would’ve been awesome, but hopefully the Queue Points will lead to something great too.”

“It was a process of elimination really, I had a spreadsheet set up with the clues and what they did/didn’t lead to. After the first couple hints I knew it would be Brazil, then narrowed down to Southern Brazil, then with the Kris Kringle hint I figured it was a bit of a trick and limited my searching to Santa Catarina. That final clue with the L municipalities really narrowed it down, and between that and the ZIP code clue I was able to search for anywhere that produced food in L towns in Santa Catarina (farms, food manufacturers, etc.) As soon as I saw Extramel, with its 1981 founding and producing honey of all things, I figured I’d found where the Givling Bear had hidden the treasure. Thank you again, this was a lot of fun!”

Brandon Jackson, after he graduated from school and got certified to be an EMT!

Thank you again to all of our Givlings that participated in our Virtual Treasure Hunt! And congratulations to our lucky Winners.

What will Givling be up to next? Stay tuned to find out… 🐻