Unexpected Windfall Allows Mother of Three to Realize Dream of Home Ownership

What is Givling?

VERONA, PENNSYLVANIA – “It was a tight race. I couldn’t sleep. It was the middle of the night. I was glued to my phone, refreshing the screen every few seconds. My heart was pounding out of my chest. And then, it happened,” exclaimed Maria Wagley.

At that very moment, Maria realized she secured her spot in Givling’s top award, $50,000 for a student loan or mortgage. “I woke up my husband around 4 am and called my mother. I was crying hysterically, and she asked if I was okay. To say I was happy is the understatement of the year.” 

With a communications degree from Penn State and an MBA from Point University, Maria is no stranger to student loans. “I started playing Givling 3 or 4 years ago. My husband came home from work and said we have to download this app. I thought if I stuck with it, maybe it [the grand award] would happen for me one day. And if it never did, I felt good about helping others.”

So, what is Givling? A crowdfunding Trivia Game that has created and fostered a Force for Good Community! The $50,000 award will allow Maria, her husband Ryan, and three boys: Dempsey – 4, Rowan – 3, and Kellan – 17 months, to see their elusive dream of homeownership come true.  Since Covid has caused a mass exodus of people from big cities like New York, the housing market in Verona and surrounding areas has become increasingly competitive with very little affordable inventory.

“This money will change our lives. I want to thank Givling for creating this community and changing my life. I would tell everyone playing who has lost hope here and there to stick with it! It takes a little bit of luck but a lot of dedication. And if it doesn’t happen for you, even by spinning or playing trivia, you are helping to change someone else’s life for the better. 

I was just saying to my husband that with the pandemic and the current state of the world in 2020, I often question what kind of world our sons are going to grow up in. As a parent, it is scary at times. But then you have your faith restored with something like Givling, strangers helping strangers. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Force for Good!”

What is Givling?: Givling is the world’s biggest trivia crowdfunding game, aiding those with student loans and mortgage debt since 2015. To date, nearly $7 million in funding has been awarded. Givling offers various ways for the community to play for free, including the Free$50K award, which Maria Wagley secured by watching sponsor ads and completing free actions on the app that only cost her time. Additionally, partnerships with brands such as Disney+, Robinhood, and Blue Apron help fund the Givling crowdfunding ecosystem.

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