Community College Student Advisor Wins $10,000 From Trivia App Givling

Crowdfunding trivia game Givling in partnership with Firstleaf partner to surprise Seattle Central College  Advisor with $10,000 check 

STANWOOD, Washington. November 30, 2021Givling, the patented crowdfunding trivia game, partnered with Firstleaf wine club to surprise Taylor Cain, a student advisor at Seattle Central College, with a $10,000 award. With a passion for helping low-income students navigate needed financial aid, Cain will utilize her winnings to pay off some lingering student loan debt as well as begin some needed home improvement projects. She said she is also excited to “splurge a little” on Christmas gifts this holiday season.  

Givling is a patented crowdfunding trivia game that has awarded over $8 million to players to wipe out student loan and mortgage debt. While the overall focus of the app is to help users pay down their student loan and mortgage debt via large cash awards, the pandemic inspired Givling to allow users to self-direct the $5,000 and $10,000 awards as they see fit. 

“This award will help pay off some lingering student loan debt so I can finally get ahead in my finances. I also plan to do some improvements to my house and a little splurging for the holidays. This couldn’t have come at a better time, as I have been struggling with debt for a while,” said Cain.  

Cain, who has been working as a student advisor for nearly eight years, was in “complete disbelief” when her name was drawn in the giveaway. With over $90,000 of student loan debt, the $10,000 award will take years of repayment off for Cain. She’s been playing Givling since 2016, and encourages users to play every single day because “you could be next!” 

“I started playing Givling several years ago after hearing about it funding student loans. I did some research before starting and was quickly playing every day. Thank you Firstleaf and Givling for this award! It makes a huge difference! Winning just reinforces that I should keep playing every day.”

Givling partners with several generous sponsors (such as Firstleaf) throughout the year that want to help support its mission of being a #ForceForGood. While there are many ways to fund the cause, one of Givling’s favorites is sending its Bear team to hand-deliver a big check to one lucky Givling player. A winner is chosen at random and one of Givling’s Bears secretly travels to the winner’s location to surprise them with a $10,000 check, which is funded entirely by the valued sponsor. 

An award-winning wine club, Firstleaf launched in 2016 to offer wine choices that are tailored to your unique palate. The algorithm-based wine subscription service learns about your tastes and preferences as you try different wines from the best regions, varietals and styles, allowing customers to discover new favorites, without the hit or miss.

Givling has surprised players in person nearly every month over the years; however, due to COVID-19, the surprise visits came to a complete halt. With restrictions lifting, the much-anticipated events are happening again. This is the second $10,000 award that Firstleaf has sponsored with Givling this year. This is the second surprise Check Givling has awarded; in October 2021, Oculus from Facebook partnered with Givling to grant a $10,000 award to a New Jersey teacher.

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