Exciting Update for our Free $5K Queue & $10K Giveaways

grizzly bear and cubs courtesy of Pradeep Nayak
Image courtesy of Pradeep Nayak via Unsplash

In 2020, we posted an update stating that two of our funding awards would temporarily be able to be used for anything our Givlings desired, which was a shift from the previous condition that those awards will be directed towards student loan and/or mortgage debt only.

In making this change, our Bear Team’s goal was to assist our Givlings by allowing them to utilize winnings towards their and their family’s most pressing matters. At the start of the pandemic, many had their worlds turned upside down and faced new challenges…

  • “How will I pay rent?”
  • “Will I return to work full-time?”
  • “How will I provide for my family?”

These thoughts and more were conversations taking place in millions of American households, and still continue today whether in response to the pandemic or as ongoing endeavors.

We received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Givling community that we decided to keep the new measure in place. We’re ecstatic to announce that our Free $5,000 Purple Queue, as well as our $10,000 Partner-Sponsored Check Giveaways, will be self-directed for our winners’ discretion for the foreseeable future!

These funds, which were previously reserved for student loan and mortgage debt, can now be self-directed to be used as needed for you and your family.

  • Need to buy clothes for your family?  ✔
  • Need help covering work-from-home expenses?  ✔
  • Want to kick start that business idea you’ve been dreaming about?  ✔
  • Want to apply part to your student loan, use the rest for rent, and help an elderly neighbor with groceries?  ✔
  • Want to use part of it for your mortgage payment and give a portion to the charity of your choice?  ✔

How you use the funds is up to you! We encourage you to share the exciting news of this update with your family and friends. Remember, they can gift part or all of their funds to you, so invite everyone you know to play Givling today! 🐻


Why is Givling making this change?

There was tremendous economic uncertainty in the world when the pandemic started. This award update allowed Givling players to self-direct the funds to best suit their particular situation, and we felt it was important enough to continue allowing these awards to be allocated for whatever needs our winners preferred.

Am I still able to compete in the Green, Orange, or Yellow $50,000 Queues if I secure the Free $5,000 Purple spot?

Yes, the Green, Orange, and Yellow $50,000 Queues remain unchanged, where the funds are applied to a student loan or mortgage. If you secure the Free $5,000 spot, you’re still eligible for $45,000 through the other Queues.

How do I secure the Free $5,000 Purple Queue Funding spot?

Collect Free Queue Points to compete in the Free $5,000 Purple Queue. You earn Free Queue Points by playing your daily two Free Play trivia games, watching the video ads after the Free Plays, completing up to 3 surveys each day, watching up to 30 video ads each day, and participating in Free sponsor offers available within our Partner Marketplace.

You secure the spot by having the most Free Queue Points when the Funding Thermometer in the Givling app flips to a Free $5,000 Purple Queue segment.

And don’t worry if you didn’t secure the spot. The Free Queue Points reset after someone secures the spot, and the competition begins all over again.

Thank you, Givling community, for continuing to be a #ForceForGood! 🧸

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