From A New Country To New Financial Freedoms: Another $2,500 Recipient Awarded!

Originally from the Philippines, Frances Manalansan has the unique experience of having overcome the challenges of starting life anew in a foreign country. Her journey with us began serendipitously when searching for scholarships for her son in 2019.

Discovering she had won while on her daily lunch break walk, Frances says, “I was in the number one spot when I left the house and just maybe the queue had turned. Then, wow, I couldn’t believe it, my name was on the screen. I was jumping up and down the sidewalk, and I texted my husband right away.”

Frances’ ultimate plan for her winnings? She will be applying most of it to her husband’s student loans. And the rest? Well, she plans on treating herself a bit. We couldn’t agree more!

While Frances started her Givling journey to help pay off her and her husband’s student loans, she found herself fortunate to have the remainder of her loans forgiven earlier this year, just days after her birthday! But even after this personal victory, she remained committed to her Givling journey.

It’s such a testament to her character that even after her debts were cleared, she remained part of our community, playing, spinning, and ultimately earning our latest FREE $2,5000 award. Beyond her dedication to the Force For Good and her career in the medical field, Frances enjoys going on hikes, long daily walks, cooking, reading, and planning family vacations.

“Givling is a community of givers and believers, it gives someone hope…””

Her advice to other Givling players is, “Just keep spinning, keep smiling and be thankful for other people willing to help others.” It’s simple yet inspiring advice from someone who has been through the journey herself.

In conclusion, we would like to extend a massive congratulations to Frances for her victory. It’s amazing players like her who truly encapsulate what Givling is all about. With her story, she has proved that indeed, it pays to play – and of course, to keep spinning! And remember, you can now receive up to $50,000 from our crowdfunding awards, TOTALLY FREE.

Thank you to Frances, and to you reading this, for being part of our Givling family!

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