Surveys Back In The Givling App, With Cash For You!

We got rid of surveys back in November of last year. But that came at a great cost to Givling and the Givling community as we cut off a large amount of revenue that supported the trivia awards (and Queue), app maintenance, new app development, and the Free Queue.

Today, we are releasing a new version of the Givling app with a new survey format that we believe you will really enjoy. We’re not joking 🙂

The new survey user experience is vastly improved in that we removed the Super Spinner and you are now paid CASH for taking the polls. 50% to you and 50% to Givling.

Even though you can take multiple surveys a day, and earn cash for each one, you will only earn one spinner a day. It is a normal spinner. But you’ll receive cash in your wallet for every survey you take!

Keep an eye out for the “Surveys” button on the main screen of the app, which will indicate whether you have used your free spin for the day or not. The checkbox on the clipboard will let you know if you have a survey available.

We understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to surveys, which is why we now offer a choice of surveys based on their length and rewards. You can select the survey that fits your schedule and goals. We value your time and want to provide you with the best possible experience.

It’s important to note that even if a survey cannot be completed for any reason, you will still earn cash for the time you spent on it. So don’t worry if a survey doesn’t work out as expected, you’ll still be rewarded for your participation.

Ready to take a survey? Simply click on the “Surveys” button located on the main screen of the app. Remember, you can take as many surveys as are available to you, so make the most of this new feature and start earning cash today! Thank you for being part of the FFG Adventure!

Questions? Say hi to – Thank you!

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