A Dream Realized: $50,000 Crowdfunding Recipient Redirects Prize to a Cause Close to Home!

Meet Brittany Foley, a dedicated Givling player whose unwavering commitment has paid off in the most rewarding of ways!

Brittany, an accomplished English teacher, initially joined Givling in May 2016, hoping to use her potential award to settle her student loans. However, life had different plans, and our recent strides towards more flexible rule changes allowed her to adapt her goal. She now plans to use the $50,000 she has been crowdfunded as part of a down payment on a dream house she, her husband, and two young sons have building for the past year.

“I went to bed Sunday night and the loan hadn’t turned over. When I checked Givling at 4am after my 1-year-old Levi woke me up, I saw the loan had flipped!” Brittany gleefully recounts the moment her life changed, admitting she was in disbelief that her seven-year journey had come to its fruitful end.

Brittany began her Givling journey full of despair, with the feeling her income-based repayment plan would never settle her continually accruing student loans. Fast forward to now, she laughs, “Givling felt like a deux ex machina swooping in to save me from having to give back my “adult card.”

Born and raised in Fall River, MA, Brittany is very excited to be moving to her newly-built home closer to her hometown. When she’s not crafting lesson plans or indulging in Givling, Brittany enjoys reading, dancing, scrapbooking, and spending time on family outings with her energetic boys.

“We are so excited to have our dream home and thankful Givling is a part of it!”

Throughout her Givling journey, Brittany’s husband emerged as her unflagging pillar of support, and Brittany extends her heartfelt thanks to him. “Chris has been the main strategist all along the way. His unwavering support and dedication have helped me get to the top of the orange queue,” Brittany says

To others on their Givling journey, Brittany assures “Givling is a relatively small community that is making a big difference in the lives of some of its players
 Givling takes commitment. Every. Single. Day.”

On that note, we extend our congratulations to Brittany on this well-deserved victory! It’s been an honor to witness her journey and to have contributed to the very foundation of her family’s dream home. As our latest crowdfunding recipient reminds us, Givling is more than just a game – it’s a community where, with perseverance, the dream of tackling student loans or building your dream home, can come true as all of our cash prizes can now go towards whatever you need or desire it for most. And did you know that all users are now eligible to receive up to $50,000 in crowdfunding, COMPLETELY FREE, through the Free $2,500 Purple QueueSo keep spinning, it may be your turn next!

Questions? Please reach out to us at support@givling.com. Thank you for being part of the Force For Good!

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