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Givling Business Update: March 2023

Hello FFG,

Givling was founded to focus on solving a problem for its users. But for the past 3+ years that problem has been non-existent for most. Since March 2020, student loan payments have been put on pause and billions of dollars of student loans have been dismissed through PSLF and other programs.

We’ve analyzed the data and there is a direct and constant correlation between the pausing of student loan repayments and declining Givling funding momentum.

We have always said that we would pivot if significant changes happened to the student loan industry.

Considering that the Presidential election is coming up next year, we believe that the earliest date that student loan payments would be reinstated will be May 1, 2025 — and that’s only if the President inaugurated in January 2025, prioritizes student loan debt at the top of their list — and best case scenario, a new Congress might totally wipe out student debt.

So Givling is happy to announce that if you are funded through the Queue, you can use the $50,000 for whatever reason your heart desires.

You may still use the funding for student loans or home mortgages; but now you can use the cash to help a family member, start an investment account, or get a dream off the ground.

Thank you for being a part of this wild journey. Be sure to let your friends and family know that everyone over the age of 18 can play and benefit from Givling!

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