Quickstart Guide to the $5,000 Award

What is Givling? If you’re a new player who wants to get $5,000 of your student loan or mortgage paid off, here’s the quick start guide to jumping into the competition on the Givling app. The goal is to be the player with the most Free Queue Points at the moment the $5,000 Free Queue Funding box opens up because that’s who gets funded for $5,000. 

You could be funded $5,000 in 10 days or less!*

Here’s how to collect Free Queue Points:

  • See the TV icon on the front page of the app where it says “Earn More Points”? Click it to view short video ads. The number on the TV shows you how many ads are still available until they expire at midnight mountain time. After watching or interacting with the video, spin the spinner to collect your Free Queue Points. 
  • Once you’re finished watching your daily ads, the system will unlock your two free trivia games for the day.
  • Play your two Free Play trivia games every day and watch the sponsor ads after the game ends to spin for Free Queue Points (QPs).
  • Make sure to complete a Free Play trivia game every day to be eligible for the large Group Bonus QPs awarded when we meet funding goals. These awards are BIG, so you don’t want to miss out.

  • Keep track of your ranking in the competition for the Free $5,000 Award funding by clicking on “Funding Queues Leader Board” from the dropdown menu and then click on “Free $5k.”
  • The player with the most “Free Queue Points” at the moment we have enough funding to push someone into the Free $5,000 Queue funding box, is the one who is funded for $5,000.
  • When a player moves into the Free $5,000 Queue funding box, the Free Queue Points are zeroed out, and the competition begins again for the next Free $5,000 Award. 

Don’t forget, when you complete a trivia game, you may end up being one of fifteen players who receive a trivia cash award each week. The competition runs every week from Wednesday to Wednesday, starting and ending at 3:00 pm mountain time. We post the winners on the message board in the app, on our Facebook page, and send an email to the winners.  

*Based on our current payoff frequency. The speed and frequency of loans funded can increase or decrease based on a variety of factors.

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