$10,000 Award for Student Loans Provides Relief for Pennsylvania Family

VERONA, PENNSYLVANIA – Ever feel like you did everything “right” when you attended college but still ended up with a mountain of student loan debt? 

Attended an affordable community college for two years and then transferred those credits to a state school? Check. Lived at home with family to save money on room and board? Check. 

Followed your dreams and completed a specialized master’s degree, only for the economy to take a turn and have runaway interest cripple your loans? Check. 

Have you spent over a decade paying your student loans and still have a $200,000+ balance? Check. 

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you’re not alone.  Meet Givling’s latest Free $10,000 recipient, Ryan Wagley of Verona, Pennsylvania. After celebrating and securing the funding spot, Ryan reflected on the moment and his loans in general. “Given a time machine, I might have taken a different path [regarding my student loans and career path].” 

It’s no surprise that Ryan and millions of other college graduates have mixed or negative feelings regarding their student loan debt.  According to Finaid, the current student loan debt clock reports over $1.76 trillion in outstanding loans in the United States.  And over 53% of high debt student loan borrowers have experienced depression because of their debt. It’s an issue that continues to bloom uncontrollably, with most financial experts predicting nationwide student loan debt to reach $2 trillion in 6 months or less. 

Thankfully, the $10,000 award will go a long way for Ryan and his family, providing months of repayment assistance. Ryan was in the right place at the right time when he heard about Givling. “Several years ago, a colleague of mine in a very similar situation was familiar with Givling and suggested I give it a try. I probably owe him lunch. Thanks, Matt!” 

Despite years of repayment left to be free of student loans, Ryan cherishes the important things in life, such as playing with his kids, relaxing, and enjoying sports (Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt Panthers), and practicing guitar. “My kids love dinosaurs, so I usually end up being the big bad scary dinosaur, chasing them around the house.  My family inspires me to be my best.” 

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