“Is this S*** for real!?” Parrish, Florida Man Shocked to Discover He Received $5,000 through Trivia Game App

PARRISH, FL – Imagine spending most of your day outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and quality time with your family.  Then after a fun evening, you head inside to prepare a family dinner.  Just before you start cooking, you check your email to discover an email from Givling, the trivia crowdfunding game. The email states you’ve been welcomed into the free $5,000 funding spot.

“I thought it was spam/junk mail. I took a closer read and thought to myself “Is this S*** for real!?” I opened my Givling app and indeed, I was the person in the $5,000 funding spot. I couldn’t believe it” shared Chris Gorczynski of Parrish, Florida.

Chris first heard about Givling a few years ago from longtime girlfriend Danielle Dillon.  He was drawn to the idea of Givling because of his staggering student loan debt, totaling over $200,000 at the time.  “I’ve only missed a few days playing Givling and watching ads, spins for Queue Points, etc. on the platform. I enjoyed playing throughout the years, knowing I contributed a bit to help other pay off their debt.”’

With his student loan balance down to $70,000, the $5,000 from Givling is getting him closer to being debt free and enjoy a few hobbies like tennis, biking and boating with his family, including his kids Hailey and Jacob. 

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