Why Does Givling Crowdfund Student Loans?

Givling chose to focus on building a platform to crowdfund student loan debt because we saw a huge problem screaming for a solution. Student loans are governed by laws that make them much more treacherous and onerous than a car loan or a mortgage. And student loans are the only loans that do not consider the debtor’s ability to repay, thus ensuring a high probability of default is baked into the loan. The result is that the people who should be the nation’s best hope for building a bright and prosperous future for all of us are crippled with the mental and financial burden of struggling with large amounts of debt at a very young age.

Students who do their best to be good citizens, better their lives, and their family’s prospects by attending college can be saddled with debt through no fault of their own. They are generally young and naturally financially naive, believing in the promise that they will find employment upon graduation sufficient to service the loan debt comfortably. However, after graduation, many are hit with the shocking reality that they may struggle with the burden of debilitating debt for most of their productive working life. 

Those who ask “Is Givling a scam” must believe that Givling is too good to be true. However, it is not a scam.  Traditional crowdfunding apps have not been much help to students trying to reduce their student loan debt. That’s because traditional crowdfunding methods depend on students asking or begging family and friends to fund their cause. And most people, understandably, are not interested in paying someone else’s loan, so these traditional crowdfunding appeals often fail those with student loan debt.

Givling’s mission is to build a Force for Good community that works together for the common cause of crowdfunding student loan debt. The debtor doesn’t have to ask or beg for funds. The individual loan of a Givling user may or may not be funded; however, the user joins the community for the greater good of building a robust engine designed to pay off student loans one at a time. Players may fund loans directly by contributing money, as they would on a traditional crowdfunding platform, or they may fund indirectly when they play additional trivia games beyond the two free plays offered each day. Loans are also funded without contributing money when players watch ads, take surveys, or support our Givling sponsors, many of which pay off entire loans through our random drawing awards.

So is Givling a Scam? No, it is not!  Givling was founded in 2015, has paid out nearly $7 million in student loan debt, with the majority awarded in the past two years. We also pay off mortgage debt for those of our Force For Good community of players who choose this option.

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