Oregon Firefighter Triumphs Over Depression, Wins $5,000 From Trivia Game

Have you ever felt like the cards were always stacked against you? Brittany Holtz found herself struggling as she navigated the world in search of discovering herself and finding peace within…

“I have been diagnosed with chronic anxiety along with depression. When I was younger, there were a few attempts at suicide and just a roller coaster of emotions I went through. Instead of dealing my issues, I just masked them with drugs and alcohol. It took me a while to finally change my lifestyle and get on the right track in life. It’s been years since I have touched anything other than my anxiety medication, which has been a major help to me. I’m living a sober and healthy life and couldn’t be happier.”

“When COVID-19 hit, I was working in the school district as a one-on-one with a young man with autism, and the schools ended up shutting down. It was hard at first and I was starting to feel myself fall into a depression. That’s when I decided to get off the couch and find myself.”

Besides working for the school district in Eugene, she’s also a Wildland Fire Fighter for Oregon Woods, Inc., which not only trains the crews to suppress fires, but also offers sustainable forestry services, tree planting and maintenance, and native species care.

“I love nature and being outdoors, so I would go hiking almost every day preparing myself for the upcoming wildfire season. I worked all summer out on different fires all the way until November. It was a long hard season, but I highly enjoy the job and getting to see different areas of the country that I had never been to, and areas I probably never would have seen if it wasn’t for the fires. Through the long season fighting fires, I was able to do a lot of thinking and finding myself. You spend a lot of time with your crew, but you also spend a lot of time within your own self and I really had a chance to reflect and find myself again. I found the strength I have within and love for myself.”

Fast forward to May of 2021, and Brittany finds herself being one of Givling’s newest Free $5K Award Winners! “This is going to help me pay off a chunk of my debt. My girlfriend and I are about to move into a house together and instead of rent to pay we are buying and will have a mortgage. We both have been working hard to getting our debts down so we can focus on our future together and not bring in the extra baggage of past debts. This is going to take a huge $5000 debt off my back.” When she found out she’d won, “After about 15 minutes of shock, I had a nice happy dance along with some screaming. Lucky I was the only one in the building while working.”

Brittany’s Givling story: “I started playing Givling a couple years ago after my girlfriend was a winner (Hayley Gibbs). At first I wasn’t sure about it all but she would tell me to just give it a chance.” Hayley has won our Weekly Trivia Award a few times now, but we’d say Brittany owes Halyley for her big win 😉 Congrats again, Brittany, and thanks for being a #ForceForGood!

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  • Finished the long period aggressive passions, I was able to do a lot of rational and discovery myself. You devote a lot of period with your team, but you also devote a lot of time inside your own self and I actually had an accidental to reproduce and find myself again.

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