Givling Cash Wallet 101

How can I benefit from the Givling Cash Wallet?

You’ll receive cash in your Givling Cash Wallet from crowdfunding (the “crowdfund!” button in the app), sponsors, contests and other surprise and delight moments. 

Where is the Givling Cash Wallet located?

The Givling Cash Wallet can be accessed by tapping the piggy bank icon on the main app screen. Make sure your app is updated. Tap here to update for iOS and here for Android

How do I fund my Givling Cash Wallet?

There are several ways to fund your Givling Cash Wallet:

  1. Reward Yourself While Helping Others: 75% of what you crowdfund through the “Crowdfund!” button will go into your Givling Cash Wallet.  For example, crowdfund 10 coins ($10) and 75% ($7.50) will be deposited into your Givling Cash Wallet. The other 25% funds the current person in the Queue.
  2. Cash Back for Select Partner Offers: Tap the link here to see our Papa Bear list of partners.  Partners also appear in the app and on our social media channels. 
  3. Cash Awards from Video Ads: The more video ads you watch (the bottom icon on the app home screen) , the more money we can share with you.  Cash awards from video ads are currently rewarded on a group basis as a cash reward aka a Gividend.  You must crowdfund at least 1 coin or $1 Direct Fund through the “Crowdfund!” button, each funding segment, to be eligible for cash rewards (Dividends) from video ads.**
  4. Special Contests: Keep an eye out for announcements regarding social media contests and other opportunities to earn money towards your Givling Cash Wallet.
  5. TBD: In the near future, we’ll have other exciting ways to fund your Givling Cash Wallet

**NOTE: Legacy Givling users (those with Loyalty Points): You’ll automatically earn revenue share from video ads as long as you maintain a gold star on the app.  To activate the gold star, complete 10 Free Play trivia games in a rolling 15 days. To see if you have Loyalty Points, tap the “Queue Points” button.

How do I cash out my Givling Cash Wallet?

Transfers will be automatic once you have at least $20 in your Wallet, however, you’ll need to create a free account with our banking partner. You must use our links to activate your account.

How do the transfers work? 

Once your account reaches a minimum of $20, we’ll transfer funds from the Givling Cash Wallet to our banking partner within 8 weeks.

For example, if you reach $20 in your Givling Cash Wallet on September 18th, your transfer will happen by November 18th. Please allow additional days for non-business days / holidays. In addition, your first transfer may take longer as we need to confirm account details with the bank partner.

Why does it take 8 weeks to transfer from my Givling Cash Wallet?

People try to scam Givling all the time. It has happened with the $50,000 funding and it has happened with the trivia winnings. As a result, we implemented a lag in payouts plus ID verification, because once we pay out the money we can’t claw it back and the ID confirms the user’s identity. This process allows us to determine if the funding source is legitimate and not a stolen credit card. If someone funds with a stolen credit card, it’s a recipe for disaster because the money will be charged back, it’s paid out to the user(s), and the authorities have to get involved.

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