“I Don’t Think I’ve Won Anything Since a Coloring Contest When I Was 6 Years Old” Exclaimed Givling’s Latest $5,000 Recipient

Meet Nicole Hargrove of Thompsons Station, Tennessee. Nicole is our latest Givling to enter the Free $5k spot!

Nicole shared her shock when finding out she secured the $5,000 spot: “I don’t think I’ve actually won anything since a coloring contest when I was like 6 years old. On Aug. 25th, I opened the app and noticed that the queue had rolled over, and I went to check my spots again.

I noticed that the Free $5K had rolled over, and that’s when I realized that it was the current queue being funded. So I clicked on it, just to see… and I about fell out of my chair when I realized I was in the funding box! I texted my husband a screen shot!”

While reading, swimming or walking outdoors with her family are some of her favorite hobbies, Nicole loves to explore her new passion for running, recently completing her very first 10K.

When asked what she will do with the $5,000, Nicole shared she’s a self-proclaimed Excel nerd and playing with numbers to determine what debt she will apply to funds to.

Her final piece of advice? Just keep playing. Eventually the spinner will be nice 🙂

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