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Join Givling today and you could be our next crowdfundee! With our patented crowdfunding trivia game, you have the chance to receive up to $100,000 in crowdfunding for whatever your heart desires and, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, no sob story is required. We've already paid out over $10 million to our Force For Good community to help them become debt free, take their wife to the T-Swift concert of her dreams, pay down their mortgage, take a tropical vacation, and much more. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be funded like never before. Sign up for Giving today, and may the crowdfunding be yours!

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Play our fun trivia game for a chance to win DAILY awards!
Earn instant rewards in your Givling Cash Wallet by participating in sponsor offers, crowdfunding and more. Additional awards range from a few hundred dollars up to $100,000!
Shop and save with exclusive discounts on hundreds of your favorite brands, all with earning Queue Points that can help you move up the $100,000 Funding Queues.
Join our exclusive Facebook Group to chat with fellow Givlings and support each other towards financial freedom.


Trivia has never been this fun, easy, and rewarding. Will you be our next big $10K Check Winner?


Play trivia, shop with your favorite brands, take surveys & more to compete for our FREE $2,500 or BIG $50,000 in crowdfunding.


Get exclusive discounts on hundreds of your favorite brands, while simultaneously earning points to move up in the Funding Queues


Join the #ForceForGood community, where you can chat with and support/be supported by other Givlings.

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Don't take our word for it

Love being a Force for Good 

The community of Givlings are awesome and they are always rooting one another on and trying to get to the goal of paying a loan a day. I love this app and being a FFG!!

- Waitsbn


They have created something amazing, and more people need to realize that. Thank you, GIVLING! 🧡🐻 🧡🐻 🧡🐻 🧡🐻 🧡

- TheCircadian
What a wonderful concept
Crowdfunding student loans & mortgages is a great idea. It doesn’t take much to move up in the queue either. Givling is a wonderful app that I wish I had found sooner. Very impressed with the Force For Good!
- Kfifufuvob

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"Trivia App Givling Awards $55,000 to 2 Ohioans" - Yahoo Finance "'Tis Always the Season for Givling: Trivia Game Awards More Than $1.2 Million in 2021" - Investing News "Trivia App Givling Awards $20,000 to 3 Lucky Texans" - WFMZ "6 Ways Givling’s Mobile Games Can Help Pay Off Your Student Loans" Reset Your World "This trivia app cancels your student debt. One woman just won $50,000" - CNBC "An Online Game That'll Help Pay Off Your Student Debt"- WIRED

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